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ski made in france, l'amour de l'artisanat


ski made in france, ski français

The French artisanal ski company MARCEL LIVET was created from the desire to think and craft differently. By putting our product on the pedestal, without cheaping out on the materials and methods of production, we truly return meaning back to the product.

Today, the mass industry has conquered over 99% of the alpine skiing market. Even the most luxury brands are now part of the global industrial manufacturing and relocation process. Traditional crafting methods and know-how have managed to survive industrialisation only in very few industries thanks to the dedication of a handful of devotees and heritage defenders.

MARCEL LIVET closely follows this philosophy. We wish to bring our French heritage to life, by offering exquisite premium quality skis. All in accordance with the traditions and ingenuity, striving for excellence in what we do.

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l'origine des matériaux 100% français

As with any great blueprint where only the best components are used, we select only the best materials for our skis. Our ski core manufacturing practices ensure sustainable forest management and is FSC certified. The selection of wood is conducted in accordance to their degree of drying.

Depending on the wood type, our wooden veneers come either from French forests or from exotic wood forests.

ski en bois, une fabrication 100% française


ski made in france et ski de fabrication française

All of our skis are made in our French workshops. From designing to finishing, all the stages of manufacturing a MARCEL LIVET ski are carried out by French craftsmen. That, in itself, is a guarantee that our skis are 100% French made. Tous nos skis sont réalisés dans nos ateliers en France. Du développement aux finitions, toutes les étapes de la fabrication d’un ski MARCEL LIVET sont réalisées par des artisans français. C’est la garantie d’un ski 100% made in France.

The marquetry that covers our skis is made in France. After being cut with a laser, they are then assembled and sanded by hand to ensure a perfect finish.

The core shaping is being done in France. Made from strips of ash wood, they are transformed after being cut, shaped and then moulded in our workshops, giving them their final form.

Our MARCEL LIVET medals in bronze or silver are cast in a French art foundry. They reflect the know-how and quality of a meticulous design.

Should you require any additional information, we are always at your disposal. We will be happy to answer all your questions. .

If you are a professional and you are planning a personalised ski project, contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your specific project.

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