Marcel Livet histoire et origine de la marque de ski française


marcel livet, pionnier du ski français

hommage au pionnier de l'alpinisme, Marcel Livet


hommage au pionnier du ski français, Marcel Livet

A true heritage, passed down from generation to generation since Marcel Livet in 1930, MARCEL LIVET wooden skis revive the passion for skiing and the history of French skiing pioneers by reviving traditional crafting methods.

Marcel Livet was passionate about skiing and mountaineering and he devoted a large part of his life to these sports. He and his ropemates paved the way for skiing and helped to make it widespread, but also ushered in the age of beautiful and irrational strive to reach the highest peaks.

Marcel Livet, acteur de l'alpinisme français à l'étranger


Marcel Livet, acteur de la conquête des grands sommets français et l'himalaya

As one of the executives of the French Alpine Club, Marcel Livet was a member since 1927 and served as President for several years in Lyon. As a member of the Joint Himalayan Committee for more than 10 years, he notably had his hand in the preparations for the 3rd French expedition to the Himalayas in 1951, to conquer the roof of the world. This expedition was nicknamed as the “Lyonnaise expedition”.

Expedition leader Roger Duplat and his ropemate Gilbert Vignes have disappeared without a trace as they crossed the summit ridge of the Nanda Devi, at an altitude of nearly 7800 metres. ( ≈ 25600 ft)

Marcel Livet

Maurice Herzog wrote to MARCEL LIVET on his return from his victory on the Annapurna in 1950

Marcel Livet

Louis Gevril, Paul Gendre and Jean-Jacques Languepin, members of the Himalayan expedition of 1951 wrote to MARCEL LIVET on their return

Marcel Livet

Pass of the French Alpine Club, 1941

Marcel Livet

Elections of the Executive Committee in Paris in 1951

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