bouton vers le développement des skis en bois


une qualité française pour une recherche de performance unique

MARCEL LIVET, a manufacturer of handcrafted wooden skis, combines modern technological advancements with traditional manual skills to produce elegant and different skis that guarantee excellent quality and top performance.

le développement des skis en bois


le développement de ski en bois performant

The design office is the strategic location for the creation of skis.
This is where it all starts, with a sketch, a drawing or a sample. It is the place where we move from an idea to its implementation.

It is the role of the engineer to devise a concept, design, set dimensions and assess all ideas, including the most outlandish ones. We do not set limits for creativity.

Only the most tried and tested projects will leave the design office to join the MARCEL LIVET product range.

la performance du ski en bois


les performances de l'artisanat et de la fabrication française

The ski core is an essential element of construction and it truly represents the signature of the ski manufacturer.

At MARCEL LIVET, we have chosen a traditional wooden core construction and a combination of high-performance technical fibre materials, such as carbon, glass or kevlar.

This secret combination of materials makes it possible to create a bespoke ski structure, that is adapted to the many needs of skiers and which offers many advantages:


Wood is an anisotropic material and when worked in the direction of the wood grain, it provides an excellent mechanical strength/weight ratio. It is reinforced by technical fibre materials, which notably increase the elastic potential of the wood. In concrete terms, this allows the ski to absorb all the deformations without weakening it.


As mentioned above, the high elasticity that is created by combining wood and technical fibre materials makes our skis very flexible. While making curves on the snow, this allows them to contort and absorb the skier’s energy. The more powerful or faster the skier is, the more contorted the ski will become and more energy it will store.


Wood is an absorbent material that limits the spread of micro-vibrations that are particularly hard on the knees. It brings a feeling of softness on the snow. All you have to do is listen to the distinctive melody of wooden skis on the snow.


Wooden skis will retain their performance longer than a general consumer ski thanks to its high core stability. Wood degrades very little while in use, which means that its mechanical performance will remain stable over time.


Wooden side structure is also used to enhance the performance of the ski. The hardness of ash or walnut allows for a better transmission of energy from the edge to the rest of the ski. This approach is vastly superior to the plastic construction methods that are widely employed in the industry.


The wood’s low density (the main component by volume), and the use of light technical fibre materials makes the finished ski lighter, making it easier to use.

la qualité de la finition des skis en bois


la qualité de finition artisanal des skis en bois

The quality of a handcrafted ski and the amount of attention that is paid to every detail guarantees the best performance on the snow.

In order to preserve the quality that defines us and to be able to offer our customers a perfectly finished, meticulously designed and unique product, our production is intentionally limited.

Should you require any additional information, we are always at your disposal. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

If you are a professional and you are planning a personalised ski project, contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your specific project.