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la fabrication des skis en bois made in france

Marcel Livet, acteur de l'alpinisme français à l'étranger


Marcel Livet, acteur de la conquête des grands sommets français et l'himalaya

Wood is a living, complex natural material that must be thoroughly analysed to be comprehended. This noble and authentic material is completely different from standard homogeneous properties of most synthetic materials.

As an expert woodworker, the master craftsman is perpetually preserving old and developing new knowledge. He has learned to “read” the wood in a way that allows him to get only the best out of it.

He carefully shapes the wood in accordance with traditional techniques to construct truly unique handmade pieces.

In his work, he conveys the emotion and passion of his profession, to construct truly unique pieces. This is what makes Marcel Livet skis very special.

hommage au pionnier de l'alpinisme, Marcel Livet


hommage au pionnier du ski français, Marcel Livet

MARCEL LIVET, a manufacturer of handcrafted wooden skis, combines modern technological advancements with traditional manual skills to produce elegant and different skis that guarantee excellent quality and top performance.

The ski core is an essential element of construction and it truly represents the signature of the ski manufacturer.

At MARCEL LIVET, we have chosen a traditional wooden core construction and a combination of high-performance technical fibre materials, such as carbon, glass or kevlar.

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