Made in France

copy of Veste Duvet Himalaya 1951 - Modèle Femme

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Himalaya-inspired thermal jacket 1951.


A jacket in Warm Down, the result of a MARCEL LIVET x NIVOSE collaboration.



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Material - 100% polyamide

Thermal Adaptation Technology

Thermal Comfort Indicator Label (TIL)

"Heat sensitive label " NIVOSE which changes colour when the garment is worn

RFID chip for permanent connection with the NIVOSE after-sales service department

90/10 white duck down lining

Water-repellent fabric

Patented NIVOSE T-pieces for easy opening while wearing gloves

Super light

Adjustable hood

Easy care (washable in washing machine)

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    Directly inspired by the models used by the French mountaineers of the 1951 expedition, this mitt has been redesigned to combine comfort, modernity, and the aesthetics of the time. 

    We have developed a reliable, warm and resistant mitt. We have selected a thick, rustic and very resistant bovine leather, combined with a waterproof and breathable membrane to guarantee warmth and comfort. The elastic wrist tightening allows to adapt to all skiers, while combining the vintage look that was important to us. 

    In short, this model will suit all mountain lovers, ski touring skiers, looking for an authentic and resistant material; but also alpine skiers who will be conquered by the vintage look of this mitt.

     Made in France



    The historical version of the Himalayan expedition mitt is here declined with a "chocolate" goat leather, very worked. The suppleness and the quality of the touch are then optimal for a refinement and a comfort at their peak.

    The thick fleece interior, combined with a waterproof and breathable membrane, will bring you unconditional warmth. The whole thing is reinforced by a precision elastic tightening at the wrist, to keep the heat as close to the skin as possible.

    Finally, we have added a metal rivet engraved with Marcel Livet, the brand's discreet signature.

    Passionate about mountains, skiing, but also about beautiful materials? The Da Nurbu mitt will be your best ally for the winter.

     Made in France 

  • copy of Veste Duvet...


    Himalaya-inspired thermal jacket 1951.


    A jacket in Warm Down, the result of a MARCEL LIVET x NIVOSE collaboration.